Whitey "Chairman of the Board" Ford throws a pitch


I need to trade
for a massage with you
I don’t know what
I could give you
but I need one soon
a good one soon
well please
well billions
need maybe a massage
maybe millions
don’t miss a massage
or know the feeling
the missing
or care once alerted
and millions don’t care
that not having a massage
after a while it feels like life
the feeling needing a massage
the feeling bearing no massage
fibrous knots and twisted stalks
a stream from the eyes wild
a scorching repressed cough
through the earth’s hearty crust
of sad amazement
the earth’s mouth and ears
of toddling antiquity
burrowed phantom stresses
seeping into buried flashes of light

Michael Anichini holds an MFA from the Iowa Writers’ Workshop and is from Chicago, where he currently lives and works.