Wow If You Actually Own Books You Should Show People

Books are Twee and Yesteryear

By Pete Tothero


In case you were wondering whether reading books was totally over and a practice only engaged in by eccentric weirdos at this point, never fear: Paste can confirm your suspicions. Though they’ve softened the blow by cloaking the news in neutered internet-prose of the generic commerce variety, it’s right there in black and white:

If you’re not picking up on the message being delivered between the lines there, allow me to do some quick decoding:

Accumulating a print book collection Owning books feels is even more sacred odd in the age of e-books now.

That means a personal library is Books are even more worth showing off in your home decor.

Put your favorite print books Put your books on display with these cool storage units on shelves.

See our picks We found in the gallery photos.

So, just to be clear: Owning books is odd, but can be okay as home decor—if you display them like an old coffee grinder or ancient oil lamp.


Pete Tothero is a staff writer who has become more and more interested in the myriad ways contemporary American society attempts to make individuals feel weird and alone unless they do what they are told.