Matthew Robinson Discusses The Horse Latitudes on OPB

Author talks about benefits and challenges of writing as a veteran

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Matthew Robinson will be the featured guest on Think Out Loud on Thursday, November 9th.

Matthew Robinson, author of The Horse Latitudes (Propeller Books), was the featured guest on OPB radio’s Think Out Loud program on Thursday, November 9th.

Robinson discusses his book, his experience of the war in Iraq, and other veterans issues in the Veterans Day-themed program hosted by Conrad Wilson.

On the role writing played in his life after returning from Iraq, Robinson says, “I got to engage with the things I’d been thinking about in a way that was safe—physically safe, emotionally safe—I could control distance, and I could look at things that are just really hard to look at in the kind of scramble of memory that I was experiencing...I started taking electives in writing, and continued to feel better and better every time I wrote.”


Matthew Robinson is the author of The Horse Latitudes. He holds an MFA from Portland State University and is the 2016 recipient of an Oregon Literary Fellowship for fiction. His writing has appeared in Propeller, Shirley Magazine, O-Dark Thirty, Nailed Magazine, Gobshite Quarterly, Split Lip Magazine, Clackamas Literary Review, and elsewhere. Matthew is co-editor of the online literary journal The Gravity of the Thing. He lives, writes, and teaches in Portland, Oregon.